Bay of Infreschi

Bay of the Infreschi is a natural bay known nationally and internationally: the destination excursions by sea, since 2009 is part of the Protected Sea Coast of the Infreschi and the Masseta.

Its name is associated with the freshness of spring waters flowing into the bay, refreshing its waters. Near the small beach there is Torre del Frontone (already existing at the time of the Angioini and restored by the Aragonese) and the small church of San Lazzaro.

Because of the small size of the two beaches and the beauty of the place, in high season it becomes very crowded; there are no establishments, but there is a small refreshment point with many amenities.

The small beaches are made of gravel and rocks. All over the bay there are little holes from which fresh water springs flow, and there is also the cave of Porto Infreschi, already known and used by the Greeks and the Romans for conservation and processing of tuna and remained in operation until the middle of the last century.

Bay of the Infreschi can also be reached via land with a challenging and suggestive path, or by sea from the port of Marina di Camerota through numerous daily departures.

The itinerary for the Bay of the Infreschi starts from the beach of Lentiscelle, the eastern shore of Marina di Camerota, where a comfortable path with wooden steps and passageways begins. At the beginning of the path there is a description showing the tree and flower species that can be seen along the path (including the very rare “Primula Palinuri”, a plant that grows exclusively on the coastal cliffs between Palinuro and Scalea symbol of the Cilento National Park and Vallo di Diano , The rowan carnation blooming in summer, and the florid Iberis flowering from autumn to spring). The short climb leads to some houses and land with secular olive trees, where the view ranges from Monte di Luna to the cliffs of Cala Bianca. From here begins a long descent on a off road track leading to Vallone Viamonte, which opens into the small and charming pebbly bay of Pozzallo, where during summer you can stay in the homonymous bar-restaurant. The trail continues through a Mediterranean patch until reaching Cala Bianca, chosen in 2013 as the most beautiful beach in Italy by a Lega Ambiente poll. At the top of the promontory, you’ll reach the little church of S. Lazzaro, situated on a rocky cliff overlooking the beautiful bay of Porto degli Infreschi: a natural arched creek with fresh water springs emerging around the coast in a limpid emerald green sea, a site awarded with Unesco World Heritage. On the beach you’ll find a characteristic place for seasonal refreshment. You can return to Marina di Camerota on foot or by boat, so that you can admire the numerous caves that face the sea and were frequented by prehistoric men, the dizzying crags alternating with small pebbly beaches and the rugged slopes over hanged by the Ruins of the coastal towers.