Beaches of Marina di Camerota

The Camerota Riviera is vast with beaches: from the Mingardo border with Palinuro to the beach of Mergellina, near Scario, are about 22 Km.

Below is a brief list of beaches starting from the nearest beach that is supported by Residence Blue Pearl. Some beaches are easily accessible from the road, others can only be reached by boat or on foot through more or less demanding trails due to the shape of the coast mostly rocky but with stretches of wide beaches.

The seabed proposing in all its charm and its naturalness, offers different types of backdrops that fit all types of utilities; From experienced swimmers to water sports enthusiasts, to the needs of families with young children.


Capo Grosso is along the route to get to Marina di Camerota: a splendid beach 200 meters long and 60 large enclosed…

White Beach

Cala Bianca (White Beach) was elected in 2013 by the Legambiente survey “The Most Beautiful Is You” as the most beautiful beach in Italy…


The Pozzallo beach is a real postcard beach: about 70 meters long and 50 inches deep…

Bay of Infreschi

Bay of the Infreschi is a natural bay known nationally and internationally: the destination excursions by sea…


The Calanca beach at Marina di Camerota is sandy in its central part, therefore suitable for small children, while at the extremities it is mostly pebbly….

Mingardo Beach

It is the first long beach stretch of Marina di Camerota, located outside the town and just before Capo Palinuro