Camerota’s Marina

Rich of history, myth and traditions, Marina di Camerota is called THE PEARL OF THE CILENTO.

Marina di Camerota is a renowned seaside resort, both for the quality of the water and the natural environment; being immersed in the Cilento hills rich with the typical Mediterranean scrub. There are plenty of beaches and this is the only area in Italy to have a beach formally dedicated to naturist tourism.

The name is tied to the fate of the nearby Palinuro: the legend tells that Pallinuro, the navigator of Aeneas, fell in love with Kamaraton, a beautiful girl but with the heart of stone; he chased her reflected image to the bottom of the sea, dying. Guilty of not giving love, Kamaraton is then turned into rock by Venus: the rock on which Camerota stands today, a perennial witness of an unfortunate love. The coast of the coastal village, a destination of great prestige for summer tourism, is known for its caves where were found the remains of Homo Camerotensis: a prehistoric man dating back to some 540,000 years before Christ, contemporary of Homo di Neanderthal, from which it differed only by the characteristic of the most prominent chin.

The fate of Marina di Camerota is also linked to the events of “Il Leone di Caprera”, the 9-meter-long epic boat, capable of an unprecedented journey: with three crewmen, it crossed the Atlantic from Uruguay to Italy in 1880: a real miracle for a sailing boat of that size.

One of the three sailors was native of Marina di Camerota, the hero Pietro Troccoli.

The marine site has a rather important port. The structure is, among the landmarks of the province, the most advanced one after Salerno.

The harbor is both touristic and commercial as it has great movement of large and small fishing boats, as well as fishing towels, while in the summer there are yachts and large luxurious hulls. There is, moreover, a hydrofoil service connecting Marina di Camerota to Naples, Capri and Salerno, called “Metrò del Mare”.

Since 2003, the port has been honored with the recognition of the European Blue Flag for tourist destinations.

In 2007, also Marina di Camerota’s fishing vessels received a special blue flag. There is, among other things, a fuel distributor.

Unlike other well-known coastal resorts, the “Bella Marina” has many inlets and alleys in the ancient fishing village that make it unique: the alleys that pass under impressive vaults and arches and the narrow lanes that continue with bridges and staircases.

In these alleys lived the country’s life and economy, based on activities that are still partially kept alive.

The old town, the true heart of Marina di Camerota, is made up of these little streets, which cross in Piazza San Domenico and goes to the seafront.

Marina di Camerota is therefore a dream, a meeting, a succession of sandy beaches, cliffs, dunes and sea beds of incredible clarity, between two small promontories surmounted by ancient towers, used to signal the passage or landing of armed forces or pirates.

The Towers, sixteen, are located along the entire coast, to witness the defensive system of the Camerota Council.

To date, despite the centuries, it’s still possible to admire some of these untouched towers and feel them as large protector shields, a masterpiece that had already from the dawn presented a heavenly view between the crystalline blue of the sea and the green of its rich lush vegetation Of Mediterranean scrub.

The combination is perfect: Mother Nature gives mistery and magic; Man reality and legend.

Whoever passes from these parts remains enthusiastic, scared and is a victim of the calamitous effect … he returns, sooner or later comes back to us.