The Pozzallo beach is a real postcard beach: about 70 meters long and 50 inches deep, this is truly an unmissable stop during your holiday. The coast around Pozzallo’s beach is a succession of underwater caves with thousands of colors due to the myriad of concretions around them. There are no establishments; however, there is a refreshment point with many services.

The beach is a mixture of pebbles and gravel, and offers the opportunity to swim in beautiful and crystal clear waters where you must have a mask and fins to enjoy the sea full of colorful contrasts: the white rocks of the beach, the turquoise of the beach Sea and the green of the Mediterranean coast scrub. The water is crystal clear and the jagged coast is perfect for snorkeling.

From here the beaches can be reached by boat (leaving from the port) or following paths that can be walked mainly on foot (about 1 hour for Pozzalo and 2 hours to Porto Infreschi). The coastal road leading down to the beach offers a breathtaking panorama, so it is recommended that you go on foot and go back by boat to enjoy the beauties of the Cilento National Park.