The excavations of Velia for the Romans or Elea for the Greeks represent one of the jewels of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. The remains of this ancient city are found in the territory of Ascea Marina, an important seaside town located between Agropoli and Palinuro. The geographical position of Velia (Elea), in the center of the ancient trade routes between Greece and Etruria, made it a very rich and powerful town. Its excavations today enrich the coastal tourism of Cilento.

Sea and culture is the golden combination that every Italian resort can offer, and makes a unique holiday in our country. Tourists can dive in the crystal clear sea of ​​Agropoli, Santa Maria di Castellabate, Acciaroli, Pioppi, Palinuro or Marina di Camerota and in the afternoon can relive the emotion of walking through the streets or Agorà (the forum) of Velia where the great philosophers of the Eleatic school walked like Parmenide, Zenone and Melisso. The ancient acropolis of Elea (Velia), where today stands an interesting medieval fortification, hosts theatrical representations. One of the recalling elements of these excavations is the famous Porta Rosa, the only example of Greek arch of the IV century, a true architectural gem of the time