Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, a long land where the beauties of the sea combine with the majesty of the mountain, thanks to its geographic location and anthropic distribution it represents a unique environment in the landscape of the Italian Parks, so much that it has been recognized by UNESCO as the patrimony of humanity

The geomorphological features (mountains, valleys, coasts, sea, rivers, forts, swallows, caves) that this territory offers are accompanied by a long list of botanical unique features: extensive beech woods in karst environments, white spruce and birch, a high percentage of endemic and officinal plants.

Also rich in fauna with the presence of otters, wolves, coral reef, the black woodpecker, the real aquiline, etc.

As a result here you’ll find a large and diverse variety of environments and routes of extraordinary beauty. The National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano is a crossroads of numerous ancient trails and represents, along the southern Apennines, an important hub in the national hiking network. Walk along the ancient itineraries which lead to the most fascinating places of the park, between landscapes and landscapes ranging from the sea, the hill and the mountain, the untouched nature of this protected and charming area.

The Park Authority, responsible for the protection and enhancement of the territory with particular reference to its excellence, promotes the practice of hiking as a non-competitive discipline: “Walk to understand and protect”. This approach, together with the creation of a network of accessible paths, implements a management model that enables the environmentally, economically and socially protected territory to be exploited, including through the rediscovery of its immense cultural heritage, in a process of increasing the awareness of local communities.

Finally, it is a way to promote trekking not only as a sport but also as a tool to discover the environment, territory and culture of local communities, highlighting the theme of quality tourism, focused on hiking, knowledge, value of the territory.

For more information, please contact the official and exclusive guides who take care of the excursion proposals in the park – www.guideufficialipncvd.it – ​​339/6502455 – 338/1026820 – 348/4537758 – 339/3845628 – 340/9306450